What is the European Capital of Culture?

Created in 1985, the European Capitals of Culture initiative highlights the richness and diversity of European culture while helping to promote different regions and cities in Europe internationally. The nomination has a long-term cultural, social, and economic impact. In 2027, Portugal will once again host the organization of the European Capital of Culture, together with a Latvian city. It will be the fourth time that Portugal hosts the event, after Lisboa (1994), Porto (2001), and Guimarães (2012). The two selected countries are responsible for holding a competition between their cities through the Office of Cultural Strategy, Planning, and Evaluation. Funchal is the tenth Portuguese city to present its candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2027. The final decision on the winning city will be made in 2023.

Strategic Lines

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Why Funchal?

Funchal is the capital of an outermost European region. The city represents the European presence in a strategic area of the globe and a cultural legacy of 500 years of history, heritage, and traditions.